Why Choose The R-Design From Volvo's XC90 Lineup?

The Volvo XC90 can be seen as the perfect SUV. The reason being for this answer is because this vehicle hosts plenty of seats, has a performance-based engine and is visually beautiful from all angles. Here's a better breakdown of the R-Design's features.

The new Volvo R-Design is a winner thanks to its advantageous features. One of the better features of this luxury SUV is that it possesses illuminating headlights that come in LED form. In addition to that, the headlights have embedded Daytime-Running lights. To the rear, the R-Design sports beautifully shaped asymmetrical taillights. The R-Design's interior is cozy as well as roomy. Up to five individuals can seat comfortably in this cabin, and it possesses premium leather. Mesh-aluminum inlays are also present in the cabin, which gives off an elegant finish.

If you want to test drive the new Volvo XC90 R-Design, then swing by our showroom for a first-class tour.



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