The Remarkable Safety Features Of The Volvo XC60

When Ann Arbor drivers are searching for a new vehicle, they want one that can keep them safe every time they get behind the wheel. For this reason, the experts here at Sesi Volvo Cars often recommend that they take a closer look at the new Volvo XC60. By taking a brief look at this luxury compact SUV's long list of safety features, you will soon see why it is one of the most popular vehicles in its class.

Drivers are likely to be particularly impressed by the XC60's Road Sign Information system. This feature detects signs that display speed limits, no overtaking zones, and other important information. The sign is then displayed prominently on the driver's dashboard for them to see at all times. No need to worry about missing a sign ever again.

Should you get rear-ended, you can be confident that the XC60 will keep you safe. Its Whiplash Protection System helps to support your neck and reduce the risk of injury to the driver or passenger.



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