Stay Safe in a Volvo XC90

People desiring a combination of luxury, space, power and performance enjoy owning their Volvo XC90 SUVs. Additionally, along with a long list of entertainment features, the XC90's technology is also designed to enhance safety.

Airbags and bending lights come standard on all XC90 models along with blind spot detection. As you turn corners, the lights bend ahead of the curve to illuminate the pathway. While traveling on the open road or in town, vehicles often drive in an area that cannot be viewed by drivers. The blind spot system provides drivers with an audible and visual alert to prevent possible collisions.

Vehicle owners often neglect to periodically check the tire pressure. The automatic monitoring system keeps track of the pressure in each tire. When a tire is too low or too high, the system alerts the XC90 owner to make the necessary adjustments. Let us show you the many features that the Volvo XC90 offers by visiting our Sesi Volvo Cars.



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