A Bad Starter Will Prevent You from Getting Started

There is never really a good time to find out that your vehicle won't start, but there can be an especially bad time for the problem to occur. Realizing that you can't get your car started while running late for work or being stuck in a parking lot, miles away from home both fall into that category. Fortunately, there are signs that you can look for to determine if your ignition system is starting to go bad.

The primary cause of a car failing to start is generally a dead battery or perhaps a dead alternator. But it can also mean that your starter has gone bad, and it that is the case it will not be as simple as getting a jump. Pay attention to the sound your ignition makes when you start your car; if you hear a loud grounding noise or the car makes a sound but fails to turn over, you are most likely about to have your starter go bad.

Do not find out you need your ignition system replaced miles away from home, if you notice any of the above symptoms or simply feel that your car isn't starting properly, schedule an appointment with our service team here at Sesi Volvo Cars in Ann Arbor, MI today.

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