Signs Your Windshield Wipers Need to Be Replaced

It may not seem like the biggest priority to make sure your windshield wipers need to be replaced when you are out driving in great weather, but if a little rain comes your way it will become a priority very quickly. There are some signs you can be aware of that will help you diagnose the need for new wiper blades without finding yourself caught out in the rain, unable to see.

Windshield wipers should be able to efficiently move water off your windshield up and down the entire length of the blade. If you notice that your wipers are leaving streaks of water after each pass then it is time to replace them. You may also hear a loud squeal or squeak sound as your blades move across your windshield. Additionally, you can visually inspect your wipers for any rips or tears.

Make sure you don't find out your wipers need replacing when it is already raining, bring your vehicle in to our service center for wiper blade replacement today at Sesi Volvo Cars in Arbor, MI.

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