Gaskets Serve an Important Function in Your Vehicle

As vehicle owners, we are all conscientious about maintenance checks and checking for possible problems. However, many of us do not know how basic vehicle components such as belts, gaskets and plugs work to keep the engine in good working condition. Gaskets are especially important to keep fluids and other substances separate and contained.

The purpose of a gasket is to form a seal between surfaces to keep gases and fluids from mingling or escaping. They are built to withstand high temperatures and toxic chemicals and are built to the manufacturer's specifications. Common types of gaskets include the head gasket, which fits between the engine block and the cylinder head, the intake manifold gasket, which regulates the chamber temperature and the exhaust manifold gaskets, which are between the cylinder head and manifold and help regulate the chamber temperature.

We want everyone to know how the basic vehicle parts work and how important it is to have them serviced. Come in to Sesi Volvo Cars in Arbor, MI, and we will provide any services your vehicle may need.

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