Why Your Tire Pressure Light Turns On

If you have recently checked your tire pressure but your tire pressure light continues to stay illuminated, there may be several reasons it continues to stay lit. The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), designed to alert you that tires are 20% or more below recommended pressure, can also malfunction. Swing by our Volvo service center in Ann Arbor, MI so our technicians can check if it needs repair or replacement.

But there are also legitimate reasons why your tire pressure light may be illuminated. If the weather has suddenly turned cold, this drop in temperature may cause tire pressure loss, alerting your TPMS system. You may have damaged a tire by bumping a curb or other object since you last checked your pressure. If your car was recently serviced, the TPMS sensor may have been tripped, causing the light to illuminate. But it's best to never ignore an illuminated tire pressure light and make your way to a valued auto service shop at your convenience.

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