Why You Must Keep Your Fuel Tank Full This Season

The car full of gas can actually make winter driving safer. You might be wondering how a heavier car is a safer vehicle, here's how. When the gas tank is filled to capacity, it will add some considerable weight to the back of the car. That means if you are driving in snowy conditions and can't move, that extra weight could help the back tires to get a grip and pull you free. It can also help you gain control if you hit a patch of black ice.

If you are driving on the night in a snowstorm with hardly any fuel in the tank, hit a snow bank or slide off the road in the middle of nowhere, and things get dangerous. Now you are in serious trouble because you'll be out of fuel soon and the heat will stop working.

Our staff members are confident that these tips for winter driving from Sesi Volvo will help make traveling easier, so stay safe throughout the season in Ann Arbor, MI!

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