Don't Keep Damaged Tires on Your Car

A tire that is old, worn or damaged could be susceptible to popping or shredding. Generally speaking, tires should be replaced every 60,000 miles or whenever the manufacturer recommends doing so. If a car sits for long periods of time, it could develop cracks on the sidewall that are caused by dry rot.

In such a scenario, you want to replace the tire as quickly as possible. Furthermore, be sure to check your tires after hitting a curb, a pothole or any other debris in the road. This could result in a tire being damaged or dented. If a tire is not perfectly round, it should be removed immediately.

If you have questions about your car's tires, come to Sesi Volvo Cars in Ann Arbor, MI. We can take a look at your tires and tell you if they are safe to ride on or if they need to be replaced.

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