Make Sure Your Vehicle's Fuel Tank Runs on Full This Winter

We have all heard both sides of the story, drive your vehicle with a nearly empty tank because of it weightless and will give you better fuel mileage. Keep your tank as close to full as you can because it operates better. Which path is the right one to take for your vehicle?

Ultimately the optimal way to run your vehicle is with a tank that is as close to full as possible, and here is why; when your vehicle's fuel tank is nearly empty, the empty space is actually filled with water vapors that can and will gather together. Water is heavier than fuel which causes it to slide down the inner walls of the fuel tank and down into the fuel pump and lines. This will not only cost you fuel efficiency by diluting your fuel, but it can also freeze in the colder winter months, canceling any travel plans you may have.

Make sure your vehicle is ready for the winter, bring it on in to Sesi Volvo today.

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