Be Prepared for Snowfall with Winter Wiper Blades

When it snows in Ann Arbor, MI, do you ever notice parked vehicles with wiper blades lifted above the windshield pointing in the air? Or better yet, are you one of those vehicle owners? The reason most vehicle owners typically choose to lift the wiper blades above the windshield during snowfall is that they don’t want them to get stuck. However, that’s not necessary when you have winter wiper blades.

Winter wiper blades are tough enough to push the snow away from the windshield and also remove heavy rain far better than regular wiper blades. For the best result during the harsh weather conditions due to snowfall, our team at Sesi Volvo suggest that you allow the defroster warm up your windshield and then let the winter wiper blades do what they’re designed to do. You won't have to run out in your pajamas the night before snowfall lifting your wiper blades above the windshield!

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