When your car tires warrant for a change

The only contact the vehicle has to the road is its tires. Therefore, the performance of the car heavily depends on the tires condition. If they are worn out, the car handling will be unsatisfactory. Thus, tire treads are in an equal measure responsible for the car roadworthiness.

Measurements of tire treads are usually in inches with a new tire having 10/32 inch. The older standards for a worn out tire was 2/32 inches. Later, the revision specified it to 4/32 inches. Beyond 2/32 inches, the tire was considered bald and not safe to drive with them.

Many ask the question how do I take the test and am no expert? Well, you could use a tire tread gauge, built in tire indicators, quarter test, and penny test. The penny test is quite famous for it is a simple method of using a penny. The penny is inserted heads down, and if you can see Lincolns head, it means your tire treads are below the 2/32 inches, and it needs to be changed.

Contact us if your tires are ready to be changed, or if you are concerned about your tire tread.

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